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You’ve Got 5 Options is a talk-show based Radio Program, where we discuss ordinary topics in an extraordinary way. Inspired by the idea that every challenge has 5 solutions, every transformation process has 5 steps and every great interview has 5 key questions, we have chosen FIVE as a common theme for every program we broadcast. Our vision is to create a Radio that asks important questions, challenges the status quo, and last - but not least - inspires. From the talks about self-development, personal well-being and healing, through discussions about business, corporations and entrepreneurship to conversations about love and friendship - our Radio is a place where no topic is off the table. We invite guests who are ready to share their experiences, passion and/or story in the most authentic way. Unfiltered. Uncensored. Unscripted. We also love to interact with our listeners and help them to solve their life/professional challenges. That's how we build our tribe; a group of like-minded people who are ready to feel the Magic of the Radio.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 165: How to build a life you don't need a vacation from?

      Welcome after the summer break! We have some big news! From now and on You've got 5 options is turning into a bi-weekly podcast, because... we are starting a new podcast! Small Business Rising! Find out more here.  In today's episode, Marta and Anna are solving Alicia's challenge. Alicia has ...


  2. Ep 164: Challenge from the listener: How to survive newborn baby crisis?

    Challenge description:  "I've become a mom two weeks ago. My son is lovely and sweet and I can watch him for hours. Unfortunately, not everything is as great as I wish to admit. For the past couple of days, it's been really tough. I thought I will be ...


  3. Ep 163: Top TEN information you've missed when you were busy with news about pandemic

    TOP TEN information you've missed when you were busy with news about pandemic Our food chain is collapsing India and China’s Deadliest Clash in More Than 50 Years Historical Court Case is on: Was government covering-up fluoride damaging effects? Johnson and Johnson pulls out talc-based baby powder after decades of its alleged cancerous effect ...


  4. Ep: 162 The Big Life Decluttering Project

    Join us this week for a brand new episode where we are solving a challenge - especially if you are a victim of TATT ("Tired All The Time") syndrome ;) Challenge description:  I am tired of feeling tired all the time. Now that my kids sleep ...


  5. Ep 161: Small Business Rising & Local Community Building

      In today’s episode we’re discussing small business and local community building in times of uncertainty. Amongst others, we talk about: How to run your business in the “new normal”? How can everyone support small business owners? What are the benefits of a strong ...