Ep27 Five ways to feel inspired again (Part 1)

April 03, 2018

Today we're solving Paul's challenge Paul is a musician and this is his true passion. He used to work in a music industry and it brought him a great satisfaction. Then he got married and he's co-parenting his son. He has a full-time job that pays his bills and he simply doesn't feel the inspiration and energy to start creating the music again. This episode is a part 1 of Paul's solution and we're discussing: How our physical health impacts our ability t...

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Ep26 Five ways to find out if your boyfriend is about to cheat on you

March 26, 2018

Today we're solving Ruby's challenge Ruby's friend found her boyfriend on Tinder and Ruby is slightly disturbed about that fact. She's not quite sure what's the best way to find out what is her boyfriend doing there. We have prepared 5 ways for her to try to figure out what's going on. In this episode we're discussing: Is it ever a good idea to play tricks on your partner to find out if he's cheating? Is it ever a good idea to check your partner's...

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Ep25 Five key goodbyes and hellos when you are quitting your job and starting new business

March 20, 2018

Today's challenge came from Tobias Tobias is ready to start his own business. He has a promising business plan in place and his resignation form printed and signed.  Yet he is procrastinating telling his boss, as he really appreciates him as a manager. He's also lacking self-confidence and trust that it will all work-out and is a bit concerned how he can deal with the clients since he's quite shy. In this episode we're discussing: Why is it so diff...

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Ep24 Five dating strategies when the cool girl from Tinder won't go out with you

March 08, 2018

Today we're solving Mark's challenge Mark met a girl on Tinder and he feels that there's something special about her. He'd really like to meet her, but she's already dating another guy! Apparently, she follows strict rules about only dating one guy at the time, but she continues to text Mark. How can Mark convince her to go out with him? In this episode we're discussing: When is it a good idea to try to convince someone to go out with you even though th...

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Ep23 Five reflections to make when deciding on having another baby

March 06, 2018

It's Tuesday & today we're solving Maggie's challenge   Maggie has a child and she's thinking about having another one soon. But she feels veeeery tired. It's a very personal decision so, this time we've prepared 5 reflections to help Maggie take this very important conclusion. In this episode we're discussing: How to distract other people and dodge their sometimes irritating questions? Why is it import...

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