Ep13 Five scenarios to imagine when considering sugar dating

December 05, 2017

It's Tuesday and today we're solving Maddy's challenge! Maddy is wondering how many of the expats would go into sugar dating to finance their lifestyle and pay the bills? We are wondering if there is anything bad or wrong with sugar dating? We came to a conclusion that the only context it should be considered in is:   Is sugar dating GOOD for YOU? And how do I figure this out?   Thi...

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Ep12 Five Options for approaching relationship where you're the only one ready to go to the next level

November 28, 2017

It's Tuesday and today we're solving Alice challenge!   Alice has been together with her boyfriend for almost 5 years, but she feels the relationship is leading nowhere as he is not really eager to propose.  What we would like to offer Alice, is a different perspective: How about shifting attention from “Will he or will he not propose?” to "Why do I want to be married to him in a first place?" This week's challenge is all about answering THE QUESTION:...

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Ep11 Five Ways to Survive a Shitty Day

November 21, 2017

It's Tuesday & today we're solving Isabella's challenge! Isabella has been feeling under the weather lately, and since "The winter's coming" to Denmark the crappy days are coming more frequently. Sometimes it's just a small event at work or a tough day with kids, but since you can't always just hide under the blanket you need to find a way to push through or fix that bad day. This week's challenge is all about answering THE QUESTION: How to sur...

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Ep10 Five questions to ask yourself when your Ex wants to have a kid with you

November 14, 2017

It's Tuesday & today we're solving Robert's challenge! Robert has received quite an unusual proposal from his ex: Would you have another baby with me? Robert and his ex are co-parenting their small son after they have gone through a rough break-up. Now things are running pretty smoothly and his ex thinks that their little son deserves siblings. Robert can see her point but he is quite concerned with all the p...

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Ep09 Five Options to consider when thinking about integration into a foreign country

November 07, 2017

Thank's God It's Tuesday! And Today is all about Integration! Thomas and his girlfriend are living in a neutral country and so far they have remained in the "pink international bubble". They don't know the language, they haven't become very familiar with the culture and have no local friends. However, recently they started to consider to have a baby and they see a lot of benefits in starting the family in this particular country....

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