Ep 107: How to find the essence of who you really are with Morten Bonde and YVG5O

March 05, 2019

This episode is quite special. First of all, this time we went on a journey to visit our guest and recorded the episode off-site (therefore we apologize for the quality of the audio). Morten Bonde is officially blind, yet he is still working as a Senior Art Director in the world's beloved toy company Lego. What is more, even though, Morten is only able to observe life through the perspective of the keyhole, he can still see the silver lining and share his wisd...

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Ep 106: From exploring Antarctica to "Hygge" Danish Life - with Polar Explorer Guisella GacitĂșa and YvG5O

February 26, 2019

When Guisella entered our Radio Station, she truly intrigued me as I was automatically taken aback by her tiny body frame (I was probably subconsciously expecting female Kurt Russel look-alike as most of my knowledge about Antarctica comes from John Carpenter’s classic “The Thing” ;)). I gues...

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Ep 105: How life works according to science and a biologist Nestor Sampedro and YVG5O

February 19, 2019

In this episode, we're digging into the roots of life and we're doing it through an interview with a biologist Nestor Sampedro. We're trying to see if science can answer all our questions about how life works? We're also very curious if Nestor's father story about a night with Madonna is true and could Madonna actually be Nestor's mum? She has indeed told the entire world that: "Last night I dreamt of Sampedro"... In This Episode We Discussed

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Ep 104: How to find your roots when they've been stolen by the war with Reath Kawang nyak and YVG5O

February 12, 2019

Finding yourself is quite a task in general, and it becomes so much more challenging if your childhood and family are taken away from you by the war, you've spent a few years in a refugee camp and then were moved to a new country with a completely different culture.  Tune in to listen to the very important episode with Reath Kawang nyak, with whom we discuss how you can find yourself and grow your own roots despite the pain that is still within you.

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Ep 103: Why humans keep on predicting future if they are so often wrong: Predictions for 2019

February 05, 2019

"I predict that far in the future, people will still be trying to predict what will happen far into the future. For the same reason, we do it now...to give ourselves the feeling of control over our fate" - David Ropeik , “Psychology Today” Welcome to...

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