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Small Business Rising is a weekly Radio Show for Small Businesses Owners, Community Builders, Independent Creators and People who want to live more authentic, awaken, value-driven life. We dedicate this program to those, who dream of a future where we have more authentic, conscious and sustainable relationships with fellow human beings - our local producers & farmers, artists, creators and neighbours. Tune in to listen to interviews with entrepreneurs and local community builders and to get your weekly dose of information and inspiration!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 18: Sanctuary House- creating safe and soulful space for the Internationals in Aarhus

    In today’s episode, we’re hosting Paula, who established the Sanctuary House, a very special place, hosting events geared towards supporting the mental well being of foreigners here in Aarhus. The special thing about The Sanctuary House is that you get the experience of entering a home ...


  2. Ep 19: Taste of Sicilly - A case of civil disobedience

    We have recorded this show on 11th of December morning from Denmark, which was back then under freshly announced partial lockdown (update - now we have almost a full lockdown). Among other things, this means that all the restaurants, bars, cafes and entire ...


  3. Ep 17: Challenge from our listener: How to target, price and sell

    Today we are solving a challenge sent to us by Koko, a Japanese illustrator, who is teaching how to draw manga. Koko is asking us about how to target and sell to parents and how to price her manga teaching services. Luckily we have our marketing and advertising ...


  4. Ep 16: Bringing Trust Back with Mihai Mihalache and 11HOUR

    Today in a studio we have yet another young entrepreneur, who wants to change the world for a better place! Mihai, together with his colleagues Catalin, Norbert and Julian are about to launch 11HOUR a mobile platform for Home Services like Cleaning, Gardening and Repairs.  ...


  5. Ep 15: Question from a Listener: Solving Your Top 5 Productivity Problems (PART 2)

    Today we are continuing our discussion about Productivity from Episode 13! Tune in to listen about our ideas and solutions regarding top 5 productivity problems that companies and small entrepreneurs encounter on their way to success! Jacob (Engberg-Pedersen) asks us about our thoughts on the topic of productivity. He ...