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You’ve Got 5 Options is a biweekly Radio Talk Show, hosted by two childhood friends, who once had a DD (“Drunken Dream”) of starting a podcast with a mission to help people getting out of seemingly hopeless situations. Our specialty is solving real life challenges of our listeners. For each problem we receive, we provide five different solutions to chose from (which means, that over the past 3 years, we have come up with at least 500 different options!) Join us if you want to learn about alternative problem-solving techniques and listen to our extraordinary and unorthodox guests. And if you’d like us to solve your problem, don’t hesitate to contact us
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 182: Good Bye...For now?

    With sadness and great amounts of love, Anna and Marta are saying goodbye to You've Got 5 Options. It's been a truly amazing journey. Challenging. Inspiring. Creative. Fun.  The time has come to take a break. Or break up. That we do not know for sure just yet. Thank you for being with ...


  2. Ep 181: How to free yourself from an abusive relationship?

    In this episode, Marta and Signe, interview a beautiful woman, Eesha Samad, who has managed to free herself from an abusive relationship. Eesha entered an arranged, promising marriage when she was just about 17 years old. The relationship quickly turned out to be a real nightmare. ...


  3. Ep 180: Reinventing Organizations- How will the future organizations look like?

    In this episode, Signe interviews Marta about a topic she’s passionate about; Evolutionary Organizations. Marta brings about the work of Frederic Laloux and his break-through book “Reinventing Organizations” and they discuss how this new paradigm works. Can you really run a business without managers, where people ...


  4. Ep 179: Do you actually come from another dimension?- With Rasmus Jensen

    In this episode, Marta interviews a good friend of the show, Rasmus Jensen, who brings along yet another fascinating topic to explore: do we actually come from another dimension? Rasmus tells us about 9 dimensions and what each dimension represents, as well as he explains which ...


  5. Ep 178: Young Love- with Aistė Palsgaard Mačys and Jonas Panico

    In this episode, Marta interviews Aisté and Jonas, a couple who seem to have found the one and only love at a very young age. They are already married and on a quest for making their dreams come true, the common ones and the individual ones. They truly support ...