Ep03 Five insights that will completely change you and lead you to a fulfilled life

September 26, 2017
Thanks God it's Tuesday! And this Tuesday is all about living a fulfilled life! Julienne is an energetic and full of life woman, who's struggling to find the right balance between being a mother and her true self. She'd like to learn how to live a peaceful and quiet life in order not to impact her family in a negative way. But can you keep it down if you are a dynamic person that easily gets bored? We have prepared
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Ep02 Five Options for a Long Distance Relationship that wants to close the Distance Gap

September 19, 2017
It's Tuesday and we're solving Maria's Challenge Maria and her boyfriend have been in a long distance relationship for a while now and they're ready to close the distance gap. But what do you do when your partner want's you to move to his country when you have just started a job that you absolutely LOVE? We have prepared 5 Options for Maria to support her in a process of taking this important life decision....
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Ep00 What You've got 5 Options is all About

September 11, 2017
You've got 5 Options in a Nutshell In this Episode, we'll answer some of the key questions about You've got 5 Options: How You've got 5 Options work? How it all started? Who are Anna & Marta? What do we offer? How can You get involved? What are the House Rules? If you want to learn more,...
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