Ep 113: How to manifest the life you truly desire: New Moon Wishing for Dummies

April 16, 2019
Setting up the intentions and/or manifesting the life you want is one of those “hot topics” that has lately attracted a lot of attention - both negative or positive. In this episode, Anna and Marta discuss polarizing topics like “The Law of Attraction”, “The Secret” and the ability of humans to consciously manifest things into their lives.   In This Episode...
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Ep 112: Coming Back to Nature with Saskia t'Hart and YVG5O

April 09, 2019
In this episode, Marta, Anna and their guest Saskia t'Hart deep dived into one of the most important topics; Nature. We explored the questions of what is Nature and how can we humans come back to Nature. In This Episode We Discussed: What does a Nature Coach do? How can we connect with Nature? How can we give back to Nature through honouring our own Nature? How does a na...
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Ep 111: Humans at the centre: How to bring the basics back to the new era of Journalism with Estefanía Zárate Angarita and You've Got 5 Options

April 02, 2019
In this episode, Anna, Marta and their guest Estefanía Zárate Angarita dig into the fascinating topic of journalism. From the grounding principles, through the reason why journalism became so de-constructive, all the way to constructive and innovation journalism. In This Episode We Discussed: What are the grounding principles of journalism? Are journalism and media the same&nb...
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Ep 110: The Origins of Fear with Ioana Opris and YVG5O

March 26, 2019
In this episode, Anna, Marta and their guest Ioana Opris take a journey through the origins and types of fear and explore the question: can fear be a good thing? Even though we do not live in times where a tiger could attack us on every corner, fear is still very present in our lives, now in a slightly different edition, more related to social fears. In This Episode We Discussed: What are the origins of f...
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Ep 109: The Science and the Magic behind the Moon with YVG5O

March 19, 2019
The Moon has been fascinating people since the beginning of… the Moon :) Our closest celestial companion, Moon inspires curiosity, scientific questions, legends & myths , art and poetry… Is Moon our natural satellite or was it placed on our orbit? Did we ever land on the Moon? What’s on its dark side? Tune in and join us for this rather unusual episode where our special guest is the Moon herself!  
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