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You’ve Got 5 Options is a talk-show based Radio Program, where we discuss ordinary topics in an extraordinary way. Inspired by the idea that every challenge has 5 solutions, every transformation process has 5 steps and every great interview has 5 key questions, we have chosen FIVE as a common theme for every program we broadcast. Our vision is to create a Radio that asks important questions, challenges the status quo, and last - but not least - inspires. From the talks about self-development, personal well-being and healing, through discussions about business, corporations and entrepreneurship to conversations about love and friendship - our Radio is a place where no topic is off the table. We invite guests who are ready to share their experiences, passion and/or story in the most authentic way. Unfiltered. Uncensored. Unscripted. We also love to interact with our listeners and help them to solve their life/professional challenges. That's how we build our tribe; a group of like-minded people who are ready to feel the Magic of the Radio.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 134: Magnus Madsen, Dangerous Types in the Back-light and the most bizarre cases of the Mandela Effect

    This week Anna interviews Dangerous Types in the Backlight who turned down to be… dangerously entertaining! Join us for an hour of laughter and occasional wisdom where we talk about creating engaging radio programs, the most bizarre cases of Mandela Effect, conspiracy theories and how the ...


  2. Ep 133 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!: Sleep Paralysis, "Ghostwatch" and true scary stories from our listeners!

    Halloween is coming and boy, oh boy, we have A TREAT for YOU! We are kickstarting the episode with True Scary Stories send by our listeners, then we dive into a  world of freaky Halloween stories to end up with a discussion about Sleep Paralysis - by some considered the ...


  3. Ep 132: ISAN, Annoying Colleagues And Top Ten Most Annoying Things In Life

    In today’s episode, yet another dear friend of You’ve Got Options has shared his music with us; Antony Ryan, as a part of the Duo ISAN, has featured a single from their brand new album, released exactly the same day as our show! Apart from that, we dug into ...


  4. Ep 131: Signe Bjerre, Creativity Blocks, Not Necessarily Suffering Artists and Throwbacks to our old episodes

    In today’s episode, a dear friend of You’ve Got Options, Signe Bjerre, couldn’t make it to the show in the last minute, but we still managed to feel her presence as she sang her beautiful version of Sweater Weather. We’ve also deep-dived into creativity, what could ...


  5. Ep 130: Joe Wilkes, Narcissists & Emphats, Gaslighting and do Energy Vampires really exists?

    In today’s episode, we’re shedding a light on a type of emotional abuse that - while being quite common - is still difficult to recognize: THE GASLIGHTING. Gaslighting - colloquially called “narcissist favourite manipulation tool” - is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person ...