THROWBACK to Ep 01: Five ways to Breakup with Your Girlfriend

November 07, 2018

Martin has been trying to break up with his girlfriend but she does not want to accept that the relationship is over. We have prepared 5 Options for Martin to support him in making it through with his decision to end the relationship. In this episode we'll be discussing: Is breaking-up over messeng...

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Ep00 What You've got 5 Options is all About

September 11, 2017

You've got 5 Options in a Nutshell In this Episode, we'll answer some of the key questions about You've got 5 Options: How You've got 5 Options work? How it all started? Who are Anna & Marta? What do we offer? How can You get involved? What are the House Rules? If you want to learn more,...

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