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134: Magnus Madsen, Dangerous Types in the Back-light and the most bizarre cases of the Mandela Effect

This week Anna interviews Dangerous Types in the Backlight who turned down to be… dangerously entertaining! Join us for an hour of laughter and occasional wisdom where we talk about creating engaging radio programs, the most bizarre cases of Mandela Effect, conspiracy theories and how the introduction of TV2 to Danish households made Danes even more introverted.


Interview with Magnus Madsen - host of Torsdag med Magnus Madsen Radio Show and a lead singer of Farlige Type i Modlys


How to make an engaging Radio show when you lack...engagement?

Anna's Five Tips:

  1. Don’t take the lack of engagement personally
  2. Forget about the numbers - switch your mindset from quantity to quality
  3. Ditch social media and get “social” instead
  4. Be honest with your listeners
  5. Do it as if you were your own audience


What is Mandela Effect and possible theories explaining the phenomenon

Mandela Effect describes a phenomenon where a big group of totally unrelated people share the same false memory of an event, person, song, movie or a product. Some examples:


  • Nelson Mandela: Died in 1983 in prison vs died in 2013
  • Star Wars: “Luke, I am your father” vs. “No, I am your father”
  • Sex and the city vs. Sex in the city
  • Moonraker James Bond: Did the girl that Jaws fell in love with wore bracelets or not?
  • Mona Lisa: Neutral vs Smiling face?



"This Christmas:

  • Buy from local
  • Buy handmade
  • Buy from people you know
  • Buy from self-employed

Big stores don't make a little "JIG" when they make a sale. Make someone "JIG" this year"

- by Savage Creations


Do you believe in conspiracy theories?



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