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Ep 104: How to find your roots when they've been stolen by the war with Reath Kawang nyak and YVG5O

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Ep 104: How to find your roots when they've been stolen by the war with Reath Kawang nyak and YVG5O

Finding yourself is quite a task in general, and it becomes so much more challenging if your childhood and family are taken away from you by the war, you've spent a few years in a refugee camp and then were moved to a new country with a completely different culture. 

Tune in to listen to the very important episode with Reath Kawang nyak, with whom we discuss how you can find yourself and grow your own roots despite the pain that is still within you.


In This Episode We Discussed

  • How does it feel to lose your roots in the war?

  • Can you find your roots in a Refugee camp?

  • Can you truly grow your roots in a new country?

  • How finding your family and giving back to society can help you find yourself?
  • How experiencing war and living in a refugee camp has prepared Reath to survive in case of an apocalypse?

  • And many more!


What's Special About Reath?

Reath is a "refugee advocate" who shares his story with the world in order to help bring forward the knowledge about the situation and the needs of other refugees. He is a part of an organization SudanmarK, which has a mission to help bring clean water and food to the areas affected by the war and poverty. He is also taking care of disabled people. 

Reath about Reath

"An eloquent motivational speaker with a successful team leading and management track record. I am the founder and currently the chief executive officer of Sudanmark, a nonprofit organization that concentrates on providing clean water and better livelihoods for the suffering communities in South Sudan. I have a great passion towards helping people living in poor conditions to achieve the basic necessities of life and a strong supporter of human rights specifically the “right to a better and dignified life”. In addition, I strive to motivate and educate survivors of war on how to restructure their lives, and also bring into the limelight about their conditions other societies with an effort of raising awareness and calling upon well-wishers for 2012-2016: BA in Christianity, culture and Communication 3K) via University College/ Aarhus University, Denmark. 2010-2012: diploma Health Care SSH) Social-og sundhedsskolen Esbjerg Denmark. 2009-2011 High school Kolding, Denmark 2007-2008 boarding school Horne youth school Denmark 2001-2006 primary school Gram Denmark. 1998-2001 primary school, pinyindu/Dimma refugee camp, Ethiopia. Work History Drive studio Aps. Copenhagen 17-10-2017 – 2018. I worked as a field coordinator and participated in the creation of the documentary “Krigensskjultansigt” with the former soldier Martin Tam Andersen. I helped in finding out relevant contacts that they needed and also worked as an interpreter for them. In addition, I also transcribed and translated the film clips from one of South Sudanese (Nuer) language to Danish. 2017-2017 certificate WFUNA´s Capacity Building Training at I FNs Headquarter Geneva, Switzerland. I attended the training as a part of Danish you thin action for Human rights."


How To Find Reath?

Reath's Website

Reath's Facebook

See more about Reath's story on YouTube


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