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Ep 105: How life works according to science and a biologist Nestor Sampedro and YVG5O

You've Got 5 Options
Ep 105: How life works according to science and a biologist Nestor Sampedro and YVG5O

In this episode, we're digging into the roots of life and we're doing it through an interview with a biologist Nestor Sampedro. We're trying to see if science can answer all our questions about how life works? We're also very curious if Nestor's father story about a night with Madonna is true and could Madonna actually be Nestor's mum? She has indeed told the entire world that: "Last night I dreamt of Sampedro"...

In This Episode We Discussed

  • What is the foundation of science? 

  • How to explain "how life works" according to science to your grandma, when she is not a scientist :)?
  • When can we trust scientific research and why there are so many examples of contradicting research results?

  • What is CRISPR and is it dangerous for humans? 
  •  Which skills would help a biologist survive in the times of apocalypse?

What's Special About Nestor?

Well apart from the fact that Madonna may or may not be his mum,  Nestor is also a Spanish Scientist living in Aarhus Denmark, who is truly interested in science and is very open to talking about controversies around scientific approaches.

Nestor about Nestor


"My name is Nestor Sampedro, I am living in Denmark now but I come originally from Spain, not the warm and dry Spain, but some small place in the north between the mountains and the sea which lots claim to be the most beautiful region in the world. I came 6 months ago to Denmark to live new experiences meeting a new culture and its people and doing my PhD in Molecular Biology. So far it is being a nice experience with lots of things to learn from the lifestyle over here. Even though I am that kind of Biologists called "lab Biologist" my favorite things in the world are very related to nature, I almost can't live without sea and mountains, surfing, snowboarding and hiking, that stuff is a little complicated here in Denmark so I am doing my best to explore new hobbies and passions. I am devouring books now and listening to music in most of my spare time.". 

How To Find Nestor?

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