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Ep 106: From exploring Antarctica to "Hygge" Danish Life - with Polar Explorer Guisella GacitĂșa and YvG5O

When Guisella entered our Radio Station, she truly intrigued me as I was automatically taken aback by her tiny body frame (I was probably subconsciously expecting female Kurt Russel look-alike as most of my knowledge about Antarctica comes from John Carpenter’s classic “The Thing” ;)). I guess there is a lot I don’t know about Polar Explorers - especially the female ones - and If you’re level of knowledge is close to mine, join me and Marta for this great interview with Guisella Gacitua - polar researcher and explorer.


In This Episode We Discussed:

  • Why Guisella wanted to be a boy when she was a kid?

  • From Electronic Engineer to Polar Researcher: How did Guisella reinvented her professional career and became scientist and explorer?

  • What extreme places in your career has Guisella explored?

  • If she would have to use 3 words to describe Antarctica what would they be?

  • Love, hate or...? Looking back, what are her memories from those times and does she miss it?

  • What is the hardest physically in exploring Antarctica?

  • What is the hardest mentally and emotionally in exploring Antarctica?

  • What basic skills are needed to survive in Antarctica?

  • And many more!


What's Special About Guisella?

Guisella about Guisella: I am a 38 years old woman. I grew up surrounded by the temperate rain-forest of the south of Chile. I am an engineer and a PhD in geosciences. My profession has been research of the cold regions, particularly as a geophysicist of glaciers and ice. I am inspired by the wild nature of our world and I very much miss to experience it from time to time...


How To Find Guisella?

Guisella’s LinkedIn



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