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Ep 107: How to find the essence of who you really are with Morten Bonde and YVG5O

You've Got 5 Options
Ep 107: How to find the essence of who you really are with Morten Bonde and YVG5O

This episode is quite special. First of all, this time we went on a journey to visit our guest and recorded the episode off-site (therefore we apologize for the quality of the audio). Morten Bonde is officially blind, yet he is still working as a Senior Art Director in the world's beloved toy company Lego. What is more, even though, Morten is only able to observe life through the perspective of the keyhole, he can still see the silver lining and share his wisdom with others.

In This Episode We Discussed:

  • What is retinitis pigmentosa and how does it affect functioning in daily life?
  • What were the defining moments that helped Morten wake up?
  • How did Morten take control back over his own life and how he shows up in it, and even what he feels and thinks?
  • What is so special and yet so very normal about meditation? And why sometimes it "doesn't work"?
  • How do brainwaves affect our ability to meditate?
  • How creating new neural pathways could help us in achieving our goals?'
  • Which two books would Morten put on the must-read list for high-schoolers?
  • And many more!

What's Special About Morten?

Morten about Morten: "I am 45 and Senior Art Director with twenty years of experience in communication, and have developed and presented countless advertising campaigns for a number of major brands at home and abroad. I have been behind a lot of successful LEGO commercials and animation short films, and despite being practical blind, I still have an active career in the LEGO Group. I live in Kolding with my wife and two boys."

How To Find Morten?

Morten's Website

Short films about retinitis pigmentosa:




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