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Ep 109: The Science and the Magic behind the Moon with YVG5O

The Moon has been fascinating people since the beginning of… the Moon :) Our closest celestial companion, Moon inspires curiosity, scientific questions, legends & myths , art and poetry… Is Moon our natural satellite or was it placed on our orbit? Did we ever land on the Moon? What’s on its dark side? Tune in and join us for this rather unusual episode where our special guest is the Moon herself!


In This Episode We Discussed:

  • What are scientific (and not so scientific) theories about the Moon’s creation?

  • What would happen if the Moon disappeared?

  • Does Moon really makes us “crazy” and what is the actual impact of our natural satellite on human body?

  • Is there more crimes and accidents when the Moon is full?

  • Did we ever land one the Moon and if no, why would NASA prepare such an elaborated hoax?

  • Why some people believe the Moon is empty inside and could it be an operating Spaceship?

  • What is the lunar cycle and what does it mean to “live your life according to the phases of the Moon”?

  • Why New Moon is the best for planning your Monthly Goals and Full Moon for releasing anger and letting go of the past?

  • And many more!

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