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Ep 112: Coming Back to Nature with Saskia t'Hart and YVG5O

You've Got 5 Options
Ep 112: Coming Back to Nature with Saskia t'Hart and YVG5O

In this episode, Marta, Anna and their guest Saskia t'Hart deep dived into one of the most important topics; Nature. We explored the questions of what is Nature and how can we humans come back to Nature.

In This Episode We Discussed:

  • What does a Nature Coach do?
  • How can we connect with Nature?
  • How can we give back to Nature through honouring our own Nature?
  • How does a nature coaching session look like? 
  • What is Nature?
  • Can we heal through Nature? How?
  • And many more!

What's Special About Saskia?

Saskia about Saskia: "People and nature are both rooted in my heart. After a family trip to the US, I quite spontaneous build a deep relationship with nature. I connected to every little and big piece of nature, leaving me with a notebook filled with new insights, healing, and growth. This was the beginning of a special journey, where my consciousness and connection to nature profound shifted. Today I am grateful to be able to combine my connection with nature with my traditional coaching skills. I to reconnect people to their heartfelt natural leadership, support growth in nature, by using nature as a mirror and offering nature-based coaching."

How To Find Saskia?

Saskia's LinkedIn

Saskia's Facebook


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