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Ep 113: How to manifest the life you truly desire: New Moon Wishing for Dummies

Setting up the intentions and/or manifesting the life you want is one of those “hot topics” that has lately attracted a lot of attention - both negative or positive. In this episode, Anna and Marta discuss polarizing topics like “The Law of Attraction”, “The Secret” and the ability of humans to consciously manifest things into their lives.


In This Episode We Discussed:

  • Is manifesting things into our lives possible?

  • What is “The Law of Attraction” and why is it such a polarizing topic?

  • Setting intentions as just another approach towards goal-setting

  • What is a Moon Magic and why is it getting more and more popular?

  • What is Lunar Cycle and what are the two Most Important Events?

  • New Moon Manifesting: Step by step guide on how to help your dreams become a reality

  • And many more!

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