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Ep 114: 5 Dangers of the highly advanced technological world that we are facing today - with Corneliu Ionut Preotu and YvG5O

You've Got 5 Options
Ep 114: 5 Dangers of the highly advanced technological world that we are facing today - with Corneliu Ionut Preotu and YvG5O

Corneliu’s tagline on LinkedIn says: “I’ll make sure you’re safe!” and he truly means it. In this episode, our guest is discussing 5 dangers of the highly advanced technological world and advice our listeners how can they proactively protect themselves and their data on the Internet.

 In This Episode We Discussed:

  • From Master Degree in Veterinarian Medicine in Romania to IT security assessor in Denmark: Corneliu’s bizarre yet fascinating professional journey

  • What is a Data Breach and how can we take more responsibility for our own data on Internet?

  • What is the differences between phishing and vishing

  • How to check if we are being fed with the “Fake News”?

  • Why we should pay more attention to our passwords

  • And many more!

DISCLAIMER: Guest’s presented opinions in this episode are his personal thoughts on the topic and shall not be associated with his employer’s policy regarding IT security

What's Special About Corneliu?

Corneliu about Corneliu:

I have worked in the IT domain for almost 10 years, gaining experience and being able to contribute with knowledge in: a wide range of ITIL processes, implementing and leading IT projects through Agile and Prince2 methodologies, Situation Management and lately IT Risk and Compliance.

While my IT understanding is broad, I found myself in the last years motivated by being engaged in disaster prevention and crisis management activities, especially in the IT security area. I believe I have the calm demeanour, awareness, knowledge and first-rate communication skills required to respond appropriately to any situation that in other people would result in a high blood pressure.
You can find more about my professional track and competencies by checking below, my current and previous roles.

Professionally, I thrive in environments where my working partners are communicating factual, are ready to take ownership for their tasks and have at least one solution prepared for the encountered challenges. My work ethic drives me to offer at least the same level of commitment and add a dash of humour and reckless optimism whenever the situation requires it.

Personally, I have committed to support and coach internationals moving to Denmark that have a hard time in finding themselves in a new culture. I am an active speaker at different local events where I use my knowledge and contacts to facilitate the access of unemployed people to the job market with a focus on the IT domain.

If you believe that I can be of help to you or simply would like to have a talk and share knowledge on the topics that you find relevant on this profile, you can reach to me by sending an email to

 How To Find Corneliu?

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