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Ep 121: Coming back to your SoulHome with Gabriella Csanádi and Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz

This time Marta interviewed Gabriella Csanádi about her beautiful journey of finding her true self which Gabriella call SoulHome approach. Coming back to your SoulHome - is a transformational approach designed to take you on a journey to find your True Self and your place in this world. The place where you belong. 

In This Episode We Discussed:

  • Gabriella's story of why she created this approach and how she found her SoulHome.
  • How she identified the keys that guided her back home?
  • Why everyone should design their own SoulHome and create their own set of keys? 
  • Gabriella's way of facilitating the process of homecoming:
    - Through Deep Coaching
    - Through Online Circles & Workshops
    - Through Transformational Travel Experiences
  • And many more!

What's Special About Gabriella?

Gabriella about Gabriella: "At heart, I am a bold adventurer, a creative spirit, and a passionate soul explorer.
I've been on a spiritual path most of my life. I've been fortunate enough to have lived in five countries and have had the chance to learn from many people from virtually everywhere in the world, from spiritual seekers to extraordinary healers and mentors. I even did a Ph.D. in anthropology so I could follow my passion and spend more time researching about spiritual traditions in different cultures. I have soaked up many spiritual principles, practices and anything else that helped me get aligned with who I truly am.
Today I know, I have this one mission. I want to empower and support people on their transformational journey by evolving into their happiest, most loving and authentic self. That's why I created SoulHome."

How To Find Gabriella?

Gabriella's Website

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