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Ep 122: The mysteries & myths of tantric massage with Iris Smeets and YVG5O

You've Got 5 Options
Ep 122: The mysteries & myths of tantric massage with Iris Smeets and YVG5O

In this episode, Marta and her guest Iris Smeets deep dived into the myths and mysteries of tantric massage. Iris explains that tantra is a widely known but often misunderstood term. It is a spiritual path that aims to let people realize who they are. Through living life intensely and full of awareness we can develop ourselves and learn to let go of what holds us back from discovering our deepest truths. It is a path of love that constantly unites energy and awareness. Tantra massage is a method that connects people to their heart, their feelings, their emotions and their longing for intimacy and closeness (first of all to yourself). It is an art that combines conscious touch with active love and can bring miracles into peoples lives.

In This Episode We Discussed:

  • What is tantric massage in real life and how does it work?
  • What was Iris' journey and how has she become tantric masseuse?
  • What are the most common tantric myths?
  • Some real-life examples of people who benefitted from tantric massage
  • How to begin and what to expect when you go for a tantric massage? 
  • And many more!

What's Special About Iris?

Iris about Iris: "Iris has a passion for spirituality, femininity, dance, human connections and intimacy. She is a peace and conflict studies graduate, tantra massage therapist, dedicated to the practice and path of Tantra Yoga and facilitates Erodanza (dance empowerment journey for women)."

How To Find Iris?

Tantra Temple website

Iris' Facebook


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