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Ep 125: Kalaset, 5 tips for overcoming your fear and how much musicians really drink?

If we were to bet any money on any young band becoming big, we would bet it on today’s episode Artist of the Week. KALASET is an “indie rock garage band” formed by 5 high-schoolers that started with playing covers and within one year smoothly transitioned to songwriting. Tune in and listen to their song, stories, musical guilty pleasures and tips for overcoming stage fright. And when they soon become really famous, remember that you’ve heard them first on You’ve Got 5 Options Radio Show!

In This Episode we had:

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Interview with Morten and Sidsel from Kalaset

CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Marta’s 5 tips to overcome your fear as a response to a challenge send by one of our listeners:

“Hi! So I am starting my initiative and I am honestly scared as hell. I know that this is my gut feeling because I am going towards being fulfilled and what makes me happy, which is helping others. What are your tips in how to overcome this?”

BULLSHIT OF THE WEEK: Anna’s 3 reasons why Influencer Marketing is A BULLSHIT

WISDOM OF THE WEEK: “Success is not determined by your resources but by how resourceful you are”

FROM THE LEFT WEEK: True or Fake? - Listen to stories of Morten and Sidsel from Kalaset and try to guess which one really happened!


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About Artist of the Week:

In good old Danish, "kalas" means a big party, and the five young people who are the KALASET live up to the statement.

They’ve met in high-school and soon they’ve formed Danish garage indie-rock band. They write catchy texts that are inspired by everyday life but also big dilemmas. They sing about youth, about love, about silence and about dreaming.

Where to find Kalaset?

Kalaset Facebook Page

Song of the week: Kalaset “Stilheden Er En Løgner”

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