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Ep 127: How hard and fun can it be? Happy 2nd Anniversary YVG5O (Part 1)!

You've Got 5 Options
Ep 127: How hard and fun can it be? Happy 2nd Anniversary YVG5O (Part 1)!

We're super excited today as it is our anniversary! It has been exactly two years since the first episode of You've Got 5 Options has been aired!. We started recording the episodes in our bedrooms, then have moved to the local radio station, then we became a TV program and now we're about to record our show on TEDx Aarhus! Tune in to go back with us to hear our most memorable moments and discuss how hard and fun can it be!

In This Episode we had:

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: You've Got 5 Options: The supper mix of our best moments and bloopers!

CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Our top 5 most memorable challenges:

EP 01: How to break up with your girlfriend (MARTIN)

EP 03 Five Insights That Will Completely Change You And Lead You To A Fulfilled Life (JULIENNE)

Ep20 Five Ways To Get Rid Off A Persistent Admirer (TETRA)

EP 19 Five steps to win the game You vs Your habit (SAM)

EP 10 Five questions to ask yourself when your Ex wants to have a kid with you (ROBERT)

BULLSHIT OF THE WEEK: We've started to discuss the 5 bullshits and continued in part 2!

  1. How hard can it be (perfectionism) 
  2. Everyone can have a podcast 
  3. How do you have the time to do it. It's impossible. 
  4. Your time is about to come 
  5. This can ruin your friendship 


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