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Ep 137: Clock Opera I We have cancer, now what? I Holistic Healing

You've Got 5 Options
Ep 137: Clock Opera I We have cancer, now what? I Holistic Healing

This week we got a very important phone call. Aga Kehinde called us all the way from the United Kingdom to talk to us about dealing with cancer, communication around the disease and how coaching can be useful. 


Clock Opera and their amazing song "Carousel"


We have cancer, now what?  How do we communicate about it, what are the challenges and what’s important now? How can coaching be helpful?


For some reason as human beings, we think we know what our lives should look like.  ( this is the concept of embracing uncertainty in a compassionate way and how this is helpful in a medical condition like cancer)


“Freedom is instantaneous the moment we accept things as they are.” ~Karen Maezen Miller

‘’ When we are no longer able to change a situation,  we are challenged to change ourselves’’ -  Victor Frankl – an absolutely lifechanging book he wrote: ‘’ Man’s search for meaning’’


Alternative or Holistic Healing Methods 

A book Aga referred to: ‘’the radical Reemissions’’ Kelly A Turner

It’s a fascinating study of thousands of cancer survivors and reports on the 9 themes they all have in common.

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About our guest

Aga is a former cancer nurse with 20 years’ experience currently working as a cancer education lead at the Royal Surrey County Hospital as well as a running her own business as a medical coach. As an accredited coach, cancer educator and wellbeing consultant, Aga supports adults who have experienced serious health issues to navigate through the chaos of the diagnosis and reclaim the purpose and meaning into their lives. 

 Aga works with individuals and their families, support groups, local communities as well as healthcare providers, employers and non-profit organisations. Aga delivers group coaching programmes around health and wellbeing; and provides 1 -1 coaching for individuals returning to work after serious health issues, ensuring a successful transition and sustainable approaches are in place to manage ongoing challenges.

Aga also works with healthcare providers delivering workshops and facilitating groups to educate around compassion, communication and confidence. Her work equips individuals with the soft skills needed when interacting with someone experiencing a medical, personal, or professional crisis

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