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Ep 139: Money, Money, Money, a poem and a friend of the show Signe Bjerre

In today’s episode, a dear friend of You’ve Got Options, Signe Bjerre, has finally made it to the show! And she brought a beautiful gift, her own poem “Follow My Heart, Right?”. And then we dived into the very controversial topic of MONEY! Just to finish up with a beautiful song sung by Signe.


In This Episode we had:



Signe’s poem: “Follow My Heart, Right?”


For as long as I remember, money has been a challenge for me. As a grown up, I have never managed to save any money, even though I’ve had some well-paid jobs., I’d also regularly find myself in need to borrow money from people to make my ends meet. I am done with that, I want to change my relationship with money. How do I do that?

Answers from 5 rich & famous:

  • Peeta Kelly “Earth is hiring”

  • Lynne Twist “The soul of money”

  • The formula by Lacy Phillips

  • Henry Ford

  • Oprah Winfrey “What I know for sure”



It’s a struggle to earn money, and there’s not enough of it, for all of us to make ends meet”


Quote from "The soul of Money"

– Lynne Twist


Signe singing a song: “The Singer”


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Photo credits: Images by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay and by andreas160578 from Pixabay


Follow My Heart, Right?

Follow my heart you say

Everything will be amazing you say

You ask for me to trust you

Trust you?

How does that look like?

What does love look like?

Real love I mean

Love where you feel safe

Yet not bored

Love where you feel seen

Yet not exposed

Love where you feel at home

Yet adventure is attainable

God, I don’t know

I believe I have experienced many kinds of love

The kinds of love I’ve had are addictive

The next one has to be bigger, 



More magical than the last

Otherwise it won’t be real,

Real love

Like they show you in the movies

(Is a fake)

I doubt all the time

and I mean ALL the time

Left or right

Men or women

Right or wrong

I heard someone put a great picture on it yesterday;

it’s our modern day slavery

The way our mind is caught in beliefs

The way we view ourselves

The world

The way we judge ourselves

The world

How we’ve been brought up in right and wrong

Good and bad

You will be safe if you get an education

They say

You will be secure if you find a husband

They say

You will be happy if you have kids

They say

In here I’m safe

In here I can shut it  out

The world

In here, it didn’t happen

Inside these walls

you don’t exist

On this paper I can choose my own story

On these pages I can select what happened and what did not

It’s like that with us humans

We select and dissect all the time

What fits into our world

and what does not

What fits into our reality 

and what does not

In here we all fit

In here i choose to fit in

to be a part of you

the World

So keen on being somebody and getting somewhere

That we forget and neglect that we are all one

One body

One mind

One source


Follow my heart, right?


Signe’s Instagram


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