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Ep 140: Kalaha!, Universal Basic Income and why are expats the unhappiest in the happiest country in the world?

Talking about happiness in Denmark is like stepping into a minefield. Year after year Denmark “is wining” a spot in the top three happiest countries in the world, and yet, according to statistics, the country is evaluated by expats as one of the harders to settle in. How can that be? Where does this discrepancy originate from? And how can you be unhappiest in the happiest country in the world? Join us for this exciting program, where together with Anatoli Cantir, an expert on Danish culture, we try to solve this puzzling paradox.


Interview with Niclas Knudsen from Kalaha!



A question to Anatolie: From the research - but most importantly from your own personal stand - what are the biggest challenges for the expats to "feel happy" in Denmark? What are the reasons and possible solutions?

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"Denmark is the happiest country in the world" - is it true or is it bullshit?



“Danish Culture is an extreme” /Anatolie Cantir



Universal Basic Income: best idea ever or a disaster-in-the-making?


About Anatolie Cantir: I arrived in Denmark 15 years ago from native Moldova and made the town of Herning my home. My drive, curiosity and “obsession” about how other people think and live made me reflect a lot about Danish society. It also motivated me to travel the world and think about my own background. Currently, I am an associate professor at VIA University where among others I teach such subjects as Intercultural Communication and Philosophy of Science

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INTRO and jingles for the show produced by Supermoon Music Recording Studio

Photo credit: Anatolie Cantir, Kalaha and  Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay 



Artist of the week: Kalaha!

What kind of music would emerge if you combined a pair of renowned Danish electronic producers with two of the most exciting jazz musicians around?

This was the question in the minds of the Copenhagen Strøm Festival curators. The answer? It arrived in the form of Scandinavian electro pioneers Rumpistol and Spejderrobot—two prominent characters with a reputation well beyond their home countries—along with guitarist Niclas Knudsen and drummer/percussionist Emil de Waal. These four talented strangers, introduced with minimal rehearsal time, were brought together and launched onstage, and KALAHA was born. A daring experiment to say the least.

From the spontaneous and infectious magic of their first show came their critically acclaimed debut album “Hahaha”, the sound taking its inspiration in equal parts from West-African funk, electro rave and jazz improvisation, standing up as best possible blending of musical worlds—highly energetic and expressive, triggering the listener to dance with the head just as much as the heart.

Song of the week: Kalaha “Mama Ngoma”

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