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Ep 142: Happy New Year, Artists of 2019 and Thank You for the Music!

Today's episode is nothing like we aired before. On the wave of tremendous gratitude, we have decided to pay a tribute to all of the artists that were brave enough to share their fantastic music with us in 2019. With an exemption of "almost-decent" intro made by Anna, get ready for an hour of great indie music - from Danish Rock and Roll, cumbia, electro, jazz, blues to gorgeously performed old folk tales - let us take you for an amazing musical adventure!

Last but not least, we want to thank Dave Villanueva from Supermoon Music for connecting us with all of these artists - without his network, expertise and charm, we wouldn't be able to play such amazing music on our Radio Show and on this podcast.

Artists of 2019 (in order of appearance):

1. Los Fuegos "Falafel"

2. Mambe & Danochilango "Cumbia Universal"

3.  Kalaset “Stilheden Er En Løgner”

4.  Anders Dal “Where were you”

5.  The Kimberleys “Tam Lin”

6.  Joe Wilkes “Seven Gypsies” 

7.  ISAN “From a Hundred” 

8.  Parkbench "Cocain Caltrain Blues"

9.  Farlige Typer i Modlys "Den her handler om dig"

10.  Kalaset "Stjerner med lukkede øjne"

11. Clock Opera "Carousel"

12. Xhensila Reci covering "Shallow"

13. Kalaha “Mama Ngoma”


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