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Ep05 Five Options to cope with a Friend that is in Love with You when You Don't feel the same

Here comes Tuesday and a new Challenge of the Week!

And today's challenge is all about: "Love or Friendship"

Egle has a friend. A very good one. And that friend is in love with her... the issue is that she doesn't feel the same way. So what do you do when your friend tells you openly that he's in love? While you'd like him to stay in the "friends zone"? We have prepared 5 Options for Egle to help her explore what are the possible ways out of this challenging situation.

In this episode we'll be discussing:

  1. Is it possible to stay friends when one of you is in love and the other is not?
  2. Is it a good idea to explore a possibility of "giving a chance" to a friend?
  3. What are the strategies for making a person fall out of love with you... and when do they have a chance to work out?
  4. How do you move between the two zones: love or friendship?

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