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Ep08 Five Lessons Learned to help You deal with the Chaos that comes with a Baby

It's Tuesday and we're solving Marcella's Challenge

Marcella and her husband are both career-oriented people who have their lives under control. They have though heard that when it comes to a baby, having everything under control is not always easy to achieve :-). We have done our research and prepare 5 groups of Lessons Learned to support Marcella and her husband on the exciting journey of becoming first-time parents. This week's challenge is all about answering THE QUESTION:


How do you prepare for the Chaos that comes with a baby?

We have of course prepared 5 Options for Elina to support her on the way to overcome procrastination and finish her Master Thesis.

In this episode we're discussing:

  1. Why Smile & Wave is a good strategy for unsolicited advice?
  2. The topic of expectations and why you should try to get rid of them?
  3. Why following your instinct is crucial to being a happy parent
  4. Why the best you can do is to Have fun!


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