Ep22 Five questions to ask yourself about quality time

February 27, 2018

Thank God it's Thursday :-). Yes! It is the second podcast this week!

You've got 5 options is now also a radio show :). We're therefore recording in a professional studio, so you'll be enjoying a much better sound quality. And more episodes!

Today we're solving Sandstorm's challenge

Sandstorm has a full-time job that she likes. She'd like to do something more meaningful with her free time. She's thinking about volunteering or another long-term project. She seems to have quite a lot of time, but somehow she struggles to shift to add more quality to her activities.

In this episode we're discussing:

  1. Why do people want to do volunteering?
  2. How is having a long-term vision of your life helpful when deciding what to do with your free time?
  3. How to get motivated to do something more meaningful?

Find out more!

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