Ep 84: LIVE SHOW SPECIAL: Learn how to eat to feed your mind, body and soul with Denisa Jedlickova and YVG5O

November 16, 2018

Our special guest Denisa Jedlickova joined us at the Radio Station to debunk myths about veganism and to teach us how to make small changes in our diets in order to get significant results.

Why is this LIVE SHOW Special?

Food has become a controversial topic these days; No matter how you eat and what you eat you will most probably get judged by others. Vegans attack carnivores; meat eaters make fun of vegetarians, who then again accuse vegans of being too radical. Pescetarians seem to be an “island on their own” as neither carnivores nor vegetarians seem to “approve” their choice of eating “somewhere in the middle.”

Sometimes the arguments that take place around the topic of food and nutrition are so fierce that they slowly start to resemble religious debates, where all sides of the conflict are trying to convert people into becoming a member of their church.

How did we end up in this madness?

For starters, eating habits are a very personal choice. Consuming food is not only an intimate act but also an activity that is deeply rooted in our cultures as a way of sharing, socialising, celebrating and grieving. We don’t want to be told how should we eat, but then again, we are bothered by other’s eating choices because we take food choices very personally.

In today’s show, Denisa - who is an integrative nutritionist by education and a vegan by passion - talks about “the right diet” and why is it important to choose a way of eating that resonates WITH US and is not dictated by others (the family, friends or “experts”). Her practical, down-to-earth approach, simple yet easy to implement tips and a tolerance for any eating style (as long as it is healthy, of course ;)) makes her a compelling guest and a fantastic conversation partner. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this show!

Who is Denisa?

I am known as: 'The Circle girl with the vegan and green food' It makes me laugh but it is soooo true! I believe that health is wealth and that prevention is a key to longevity! 
I am a food freak in love with
developing Raw, Vegan recipes. I am passionate about self-development and running LetHerThrive Women's Circles. I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in love with my clients. I want people to THRIVE because that's the best feeling ever!️

We were debunking 5 Myths about Food & Veganism


  1. Myth/ fact 1: Vegan diet is always healthy

  2. Myth/ fact 2: Food is energy

  3. Myth/ fact 3: Even though we’re obese as society, we’re actually undernourished

  4. Myth/ fact 4: When we don’t nourish our body properly, we impact not only our body, but also mind and soul

  5. Myth/ fact 5: You have to spend really long hours in the kitchen to make healthy food


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