Ep 89: LIVE Life is Like a Movie: Be a Freaking Hero with Stoyan Yankov and YVG5O

November 30, 2018

Can you be the Hero of your own movie? Or the author of your own life story? To what degree can you design your life? And how can you exercise a free will if things are written in the starts? Listen to our fascinating discussion with Stoyan Yankov where we explore the notions of destiny, the ability to control our lives, the law of attraction and many more!

 We Were Discussing 5 Theories About Human’s Ability To Design Their Lives:


1. People reject the thought of being able to create their life, because that would mean that they have a full responsibility for it, and there’s no one left to blame for everything that happens.

2. Life is like a computer game. Your circumstances and the attributes (background, personality, strengths and weaknesses) of your player have been set up, but it’s up to you how you play the game.

3. Everything happens for a reason. Some things are written in the starts and you need to go through them in your life.

4. You attract what you think. If something bad happened to you, it means you had to attract it somehow with your thoughts

5. There is a window that exists between the moment you have an instinct to change and your mind killing it. It’s a 5-second window. And it exists for everyone.


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