Ep 92: Five steps to conscious leadership with Diana Poulsen and YVG5O (Part 1)

December 11, 2018

Can everyone become a conscious leader and if yes, what does it take to become one? Listen to this captivating conversation with Diana Poulsen where we come to the conclusion that conscious leadership is not only for progressive corporations and businesses, but also for each and every one of us in terms of self-leadership.

What's Special About Diana?

Originally from Lithuania, after 8 years of experience within business development and project management in international companies, Diana has decided to leave the corporate world behind and go for an inner-journey. She travelled to India to re-discover herself and establish her new path.

Diana about Diana:

I am a certified Transformational Coach from ICF approved personal development Academy Mindjuice in Denmark, Mindfulness instructor, Reiki Level 2 and Ayurveda consultant, Akashic Record Reader, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, Body awareness and Yoga teacher with number of courses and workshops within Enneagram, NLP, Energy Healing, Mindfulness, Kum Nye Practices, Metaphysics, Law of Attraction, Shadow Work and other disciplines. 

When I'm not busy consulting and developing the next projects, I can be found walking Spanish trails, on my yoga mat, studying holistic wellness methods or planning my next travel adventure.


In The First Episode, Diana, Anna And Marta Deep-Dived into:

  • Step One; AWARENESS: begin with understanding yourself, your journey, your inner motivation, identify the factors that lead you to your inner growth and expansion. 

  • How conscious leadership of yourself, others and organization and create change in the world?
  • What is the biggest challenge in stepping into conscious leadership?
  • How does the everyday life of an aware and unaware leader differ?


This is Part 1 of 2-parts program. To listen to Part 2 “Ep 93: Five steps to conscious leadership with Diana Poulsen and YVG5O (Part 2)”- please click here 

How To Find Diana?

Diana's website

Diana’s Email diana.poulsen.mail@gmail.com

Conscious Living Facebook Group

Diana's LinkedIn

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