Ep 95: Five building blocks of Compassionate Leadership with Dimi Cholakov and YVG5O Part 2

December 20, 2018

In the 2nd part of the interview with Dimi Cholakov we explore his Compassionate Leadership Model and discuss in its 5 building blocks in detail.

In The Second Part, Dimi, Anna And Marta Discussed:

  • What Dimi and Marta were doing IN LONDON?

  • How to find your life’s true purpose and why waiting for “The Eureka Moment” and sudden revelation may not be the best strategy?

  • What is Marta’s “The Inner Detective” exercise and how to use it in order to discover your WHY and WHAT?

  • Why believing in “a higher power” can help you with gaining clarity and discovering your purpose?

  • Second Building Block of Compassionate Leadership: Walking the Talk and how is it connected with setting up your priorities?

  • How should priorities be supported with intentions, mini-habits and accountability?

  • Third Building Block of Compassionate Leadership: Compassionate Connection

  • Fourth Building Block of Compassionate Leadership: Sense of Growth

  • Fifth Building Block of Compassionate Leadership: Creative Freedom

  • And many more!

What's Special About Dimi?

Dimi Cholakov supports leaders of fast-growing companies to create and sustain a company culture which maximizes the creative potential of their employees. 

He is a leadership consultant and ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Master Practitioner, certified by one of the most renowned Coaching Academies, the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

 How To Find Dimi?

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