Ep 97: Five strategies to create a world free of boring marketing with Maria Voss and YVG5O

January 08, 2019

In the 1st part of an interview, Maria Voss tells us a story of a young entrepreneur, student and teacher all at once, who is all the way into changing the world by saving us from boring marketing.

What's Special About Maria?

Maria is a very special person, whose presence is very noticeable upon arrival and continues to be impactful as you speak to her. She's 24 years old, a student, teacher and an entrepreneur who founded a company Group of Awesome Marketing together with friends 3 years ago. And she's onto a big vision of creating a world free of boring marketing. 

Maria about Maria:

"We notice people who make themselves noticeable ☣️
I love to create value, content and identity through content creation and branding on social media, and I'm happy to share my knowledge with all who ask for it. 

My partner Therese Pagaard and I work to create a better world free from boring marketing in our company Group of Awesome Marketing. We market SMEs Danish service companies. 

I have embarked on a journey to help the Danes to understand, create and utilize their personal brand through the concepts behind branding and content marketing, and push The Law of Jante out of the Danes so they can embrace doing things out of the ordinary".

In The First Episode, Maria, Anna And Marta Discussed:

  • What does it mean to be a "Smooth Criminal" and is Maria one?

  • The Law of Jante- is it still a thing in Denmark and how does it impact society and marketing
  • How is it to be a young entrepreneur and what happens when your partners can't manage the pressure?

  • Is it a viable solution for your business to run it according to your values and say no to the customers?


This is Part 1 of 2-parts program. To listen to Part 2 “Ep 98: Five strategies to create a world free of boring marketing with Maria Voss and YVG5O (Part 2)”- please click here.(soon)

How To Find Maria?

Maria's website

Group of Awesome Marketing Facebook Page

Maria's LinkedIn

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