Ep 126: Getting a job In Denmark with Greete Eluri and how has LinkedIn become a paradise for scammers and wannabes?

September 10, 2019
There is something rotten about LinkedIn and people start to notice. Is the platform dominated by well-organized groups of branding “specialists”, pseudo-influencers and self-appointed mentors who are scamming job seekers or is it just “another conspiracy theory”? Join us for today’s episode where we discuss this and many other employment-related topics with job consultant and Danish labour market...
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Ep 125: Kalaset, 5 tips for overcoming your fear and how much musicians really drink?

September 03, 2019
If we were to bet any money on any young band becoming big, we would bet it on today’s episode Artist of the Week. KALASET is an “indie rock garage band” formed by 5 high-schoolers that started with playing covers and within one year smoothly transitioned to songwriting. Tune in and listen to their song, stories, musical guilty pleasures and tips for overcoming stage fright. And when they soon become really famous, remember that you’ve h...
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Ep 124: Mambe & Danochilango, BossBattle Bunnies and was Britney Spears president's Bush secret agent?

August 27, 2019
Was Britney Spears president’s Bush secret agent? Who is Mambe & Danochilango? Can you go back on the stage and play a kick-ass gig when your twin babies are only 2 months old? How can you find THE REAL YOU and feel the thrill of pursuing your passion while your life is dominated by raising little children? And what on Earth are BossBattle Bunnies? These, any many more interesting (and bizarre) questions only on You’ve Got 5 Options Radio Show!
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Ep 123: Season Premiere! Los Fuegos, gay penguins, PINK! SuperGlue conspiracy and how can broccoli help your marriage

August 20, 2019
It’s a Season Premiere people and we couldn’t be more excited! New season, new format, new jingles and still… 5 Options! Tune in and find out what our “wise brains had brainstormed” over the summer and how are we planning to keep you entertained over the next few months!   In This Episode we had:  
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Ep 122: The mysteries & myths of tantric massage with Iris Smeets and YVG5O

July 08, 2019
In this episode, Marta and her guest Iris Smeets deep dived into the myths and mysteries of tantric massage. Iris explains that tantra is a widely known but often misunderstood term. It is a spiritual path that aims to let people realize who they are. Through living life intensely and full of awareness we can develop ourselves and learn to let go of what holds us back from discovering our deepest truths. It is a path of love that constantly unites energy and awareness....
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