Ep 138: Burnout, Brules, Bulshitters and a beautiful Xhensila Reci

December 03, 2019
This time we discussed several B- concepts! Burnout and how to deal with it. Brules and what they really are. And then we stumbled upon some bullshitters. And all that in a great company of a friend of the show, beautiful Xhensila Reci and her ukulele. ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Xhensila Reci and her Ukulele CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Burnout- what is it, how does it feel, how to deal with it.
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Ep 137: Clock Opera I We have cancer, now what? I Holistic Healing

November 26, 2019
This week we got a very important phone call. Aga Kehinde called us all the way from the United Kingdom to talk to us about dealing with cancer, communication around the disease and how coaching can be useful.  ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Clock Opera and their amazing song "Carousel" CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: We have cancer, now what?  How do we commu...
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Ep 136: Brice Johnson, Rebecca Black and what are the stupidest song lyrics of all time?

November 19, 2019
This week we have a real treat for you - Brice Johnson, this year’s TEDx speaker is in the house! Join as for an hour of fun, laughter but also deep wisdom, incredible courage and vulnerability. Last but not least - find out what are the stupidest song lyrics of all time!   ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Interview with Brice Johnson - Dancer, Actor, Entertainer, and Public Speaker CH...
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Ep 135: Kalaset, Mindfulness BS and Why is Nickelback the most hated band in the world?

November 12, 2019
In today’s episode, we have been able to listen to a new single of Kalaset, we went deep into the concept of mindfulness and how much it is useful or how much of it is a BS. And last but not least we have attempted to answer one of the mysteries: Why is Nickelback the most hated band in the world? In This Episode We Had: ARTIST OF THE WEEK: KALASET CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: ...
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134: Magnus Madsen, Dangerous Types in the Back-light and the most bizarre cases of the Mandela Effect

November 05, 2019
This week Anna interviews Dangerous Types in the Backlight who turned down to be… dangerously entertaining! Join us for an hour of laughter and occasional wisdom where we talk about creating engaging radio programs, the most bizarre cases of Mandela Effect, conspiracy theories and how the introduction of TV2 to Danish households made Danes even more introverted. ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Interview with Magnus Madsen...
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