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Ep 126: Getting a job In Denmark with Greete Eluri and how has LinkedIn become a paradise for scammers and wannabes?

There is something rotten about LinkedIn and people start to notice. Is the platform dominated by well-organized groups of branding “specialists”, pseudo-influencers and self-appointed mentors who are scamming job seekers or is it just “another conspiracy theory”? Join us for today’s episode where we discuss this and many other employment-related topics with job consultant and Danish labour market expert Greete Eluri.

In This Episode we had:


ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Anders Dal “Where were you”

CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Most common challenges experienced by job seekers in Denmark and how to solve them by Greete Eluri

BULLSHIT OF THE WEEK: There’s something rotten about LinkedIn and how one innocent article managed to expose it.

Read 5 Conspiracy Theories about Oleg and 5 reasons why they may be true (Plus ONE serious question: WHY DO WE CARE?) here

WISDOM OF THE WEEK: Job Consultant’s Wisdom Nuggets by Greete Eluri

FROM THE LEFT WEEK: Anna Recommends: “The Boys”


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About Song of the Week:

Anders Dal once bought a nice guitar and started to write songs.

Here’s a first song of that project called ‘Where Were You (Tomorrow Is A Ticket)’ which is recorded at Burning Velvet’s studio in Svendborg. The track is backed by Nicolai Schmith of Burning Velvet and Moogie Johnson. It’s mixed by David Villanueva at Supermoon Records and mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedMastering. This track recalls artists such as Neil Young, Nick Drake and Skip Spence.

Where to find Anders?

Anders Flickr

Song of the week: Anders Dal “Where were you”


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