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Ep 135: Kalaset, Mindfulness BS and Why is Nickelback the most hated band in the world?

In today’s episode, we have been able to listen to a new single of Kalaset, we went deep into the concept of mindfulness and how much it is useful or how much of it is a BS. And last but not least we have attempted to answer one of the mysteries: Why is Nickelback the most hated band in the world?

In This Episode We Had:




A couple of days ago, I have joined LinkedIn Local event where I was facilitating a group around Mindfulness. In this group, we have been discussing the challenge of keeping sane in this crazy world. Participants have expressed the feelings of overwhelm, not being able to concentrate and be productive. They have also mentioned emotional overwhelm, lack of clarity of what to actually prioritize and addiction to SoMe.

We have discussed 5 concepts to bring down the feelings of mental, emotional overwhelm and come to the place where you can start being present with yourself:

  1. What is Mindfulness: the ability to stay present with your thoughts and emotions without judging them
  2. Mental overwhelm: mind dump
  3. Emotional overwhelm: write & burn
  4. Free-flow writing
  5. SoMe Detox


“It is sold as a force that can help us cope with the ravages of capitalism, but with its inward focus, mindful meditation may be the enemy of activism“. By Ronald Purser

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The story of Buddha


Why is Nickelback the most hated band in the world?


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About The Artist Of The Week:

In good old Danish, "kalas" means a big party, and the five young people who are the KALASET live up to the statement.

They’ve met in high-school and soon they’ve formed Danish garage indie-rock band. They write catchy texts that are inspired by everyday life but also big dilemmas. They sing about youth, about love, about silence and about dreaming.

Where to find Kalaset?

Kalaset Facebook Page

Song of the week: Kalaset "Stjerner med Lukkede Øjne"

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