Ep 83: 5 Strategies To Boost Your Productivity, Achieve More And Be Happier - With Stoyan Yankov And YvG5O (Part 3)

November 13, 2018
This is the final part of the Trilogy on how to be productive, achieve more and be happier with Stoyan Yankov and today we are discussing the remaining two strategies! Stoyan will also answer more questions from the listeners so tune in and enjoy the show! In The Third Episode, Stoyan, Anna And Marta Discussed: Strategy Number 4 to increase your Productivity: Block time each day for daily reflectio...
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THROWBACK to Ep 01: Five ways to Breakup with Your Girlfriend

November 07, 2018
Martin has been trying to break up with his girlfriend but she does not want to accept that the relationship is over. We have prepared 5 Options for Martin to support him in making it through with his decision to end the relationship. In this episode we'll be discussing: Is breaking-up over messeng...
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Ep 81: 5 Strategies To Boost Your Productivity, Achieve More And Be Happier - With Stoyan Yankov And YvG5O (Part 1)

November 06, 2018
Today we are interviewing Stoyan Yankov, Performance and Productivity Coach, who's mission is to teach people how to achieve more and be happier! Do You Feel Like A Hamster On A Spinning Wheel? Nowadays, many people seem to be busy, yet it doesn't look like they are achieving much. Or even if they do, by the end of the day, rather than feeling fulfilled, they feel exhausted - dreading the next day, where the endl...
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Ep 80: LIVE SHOW SPECIAL: Debunking Myths About Entrepreneurship - With Jan Rezek And YvG5O

November 02, 2018
Today we are Debunking Myths about Entrepreneurship! If you are considering starting your own business and would like to know how the real life of the entrepreneur looks like, this show is for you! Why Is This LIVE SHOW Special? As Anna always says, every show and every guest is SPECIAL, so let’s just call this one “different”, and that’s because this time we tried in the studio something entirely new: Instead of one spec...
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